Hansa FinCon OY


Hansa FinCon OY offers customized financial marketing and fund raising services which include full range of activities. We assist our partners in meeting their capital raising targets by identifying the appropriate qualified investor base, adjusting placement conditions, preparing and implementing marketing plan and matching them with partners and seeders. The result of our efforts is an increase of assets under management or getting the needed seed capital as a result of the marketing process that is mutually beneficial for all parties involved.

Marketing outsourcing offers investment managers the possibility to use the benefits of full-service sales and marketing capability at a fraction of a cost compared to setting up an internal marketing department. Partnering with Hansa FinCon OY allows the emerging manager to reduce his fixed costs while growing the firm's assets in new business opportunities.

The biggest advantage of contracting a professional third party marketing firm is that the company takes care of the full range of marketing activities.

Generally we divide the fundraising process into three parts:

  • Pre-marketing

    SWOT Analysis

    Legal framing

    Development of the story for the market

    Preparation of the marketing materials

    Translation and set up of the web page

    Intelligent PR



    Product placement



    Target group selection

  • Active Marketing

    Press meetings

    Presentations and meetings with IFA

    Presentations and meetings with institutional investors

    Presentations and meetings with private investors

    Presentations and meetings with family offices

    Social events / Sponsoring event / Receptions

  • Ongoing marketing

    Setting up of the representative office in the targeted market

    Newsletter marketing

    Ongoing PR and product placement


    CRM of the potential investors

    Closing preparation