Hansa FinCon OY

Hansa FinCon OY

  • Hansa Fincon is a consulting company providing advisory services in marketing, investments, business to governments, international organizations, financial, investment and technology companies.

    Our company was created by investment, marketing, consulting and financial professionals. Our team consists out of people from different countries- Germany, Estonia, Russia, UK, Canada, USA and Spain.

    We have conducted advisory projects and hosted events in Estonia, Spain, Russia, Switzerland, UK, Morocco and Canada.

    We organize a number of unique professional events for financial and investment industry with an unrivaled opportunity to meet industry peers, potential clients and being informed.

    Our goal is a creation of sustainable and responsible international economy and financial industry. We support international organizations and their efforts in this area.

    We have a special focus on “hidden markets”. We define hidden markets as markets with great potential and demand for specific products and services, which are still unsaturated. Clearly not every product or service is demanded everywhere, so before we start our marketing activities we analyze the product demand and advise our clients on their perspectives and give our forecast.

    Our core competence is bringing International companies to Russia, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Ukraine and other countries of the former Soviet Union and helping Russian, Kazakh, Azeri and Ukrainian companies in getting access to the International market. Among our clients are top banks and legal companies, governments of big countries and small islands. We are represented in Estonia, Germany, Russia, Spain and Gibraltar.